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Welcome to our $10 GDI Website and Blog Site. GDI allows members to earn money online just by posting links around the Internet. They do the rest for you because the links go to a personalized professional video that does the selling for you.

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Earn Money Online with Your Own Domain Name
Did you know that you really need your own domain name to make money online? Most people don't realize that replicated sites are sent to the back of the pack by search engines and that could mean you end up millions of pages of results behind everyone else. This is because there are so many replicated sites out there all competing for the same keywords. If the search engines had millions of the same sites all show up when someone did an Internet search, those searchers would not be using that search engine too long if they had to go through a million pages to find what they're looking for...

Our GDI websites & blog sites help us earn money online.
We were shocked.  When we started GDI years ago, we only used Pay per Click to advertise.  It was soooooo expensive!  Not recommended...  Then we learned how to develop our GDI websites and promote them using SEO.  The shocking part was switching from paying for advertising to SEO.  Our sales trippled but our costs went down to 20% of what they were... so we were plesantly shocked.   SEE PROOF  Are you ready yet?