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  • Complete Blog & Website System 
  • Build It Yourself Web and Blog Sites (No HTML Needed) 
  • 7 Day Free Trial if You Choose a .ws Domain 

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Unlimited $100 Bonuses Plus Residuals

Income for Life


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  • Income for Life™ 
  • Unlimited $100 Bonuses 
  • Unlimited Residuals 5 Levels Deep 

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How Do I Start Global Domains International?

GDI has made it so people can try their services for free for 7 days. Once the trial period expires, the user will have the option of paying $10 a month to continue using their service. Normally, a website owner has to buy a domain, find a web hosting company, choose a content management system and put their website online with virtually no assistance. All of these tedious tasks are taken care of when you use their service. You will receive a .ws domain name, 10 email addresses, dozens of professional graphic artist templates with different themes and a user friendly site builder that will guide you through the process.

Global Domains International Income

Every website owner would love to earn money online while providing great content to their visitors. This is easily done with a site from Global Domains International. They want you to succeed. When you succeed, they do too. They make it very easy to make money with your website because they offer a five level deep affiliate program that helps you earn residual income every month. This works in a very easy manner. For each person that you refer, you get $1 per month. Now when this person signs someone up, you get paid too. The money doesn't stop there! You will earn money on 5 different layers. This may sound confusing, but let's do some math. You sign up 5 of your friends. They recommend the service to five people each. This would mean you are making $5 for the people you signed up and $25 dollars for the people they signed up. Now imagine the second layer of 25 people all sign up 5 people. This happens all the way down 5 layers. There is serious money to be made just by recommending a service that people will love.

There is no better time to establish a website and earn a passive income. The service that GDI offers is unmatched and even offers website owners a simple way to earn money. It is forecasted that in ten years there will be 500 million active websites online. Signing up just a fraction of these people could help you earn money, while helping them grow their own internet properties. This Global Domains International affiliate will even show you how they get to the top of the search engines so you can follow their successful strategies.

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